Monday, April 25, 2011

Dog Car Seats, Should It Be A Law To Buckle Up Your Pet?

We as drivers understand the importance of wearing a seat belt while driving, and currently just about every in the United States requires you have it on when driving. Why is it important to wear a seat belt? If a car is moving down the road at 50 mph hits another car or object, your automobile will stop moving forward but everything inside unrestrained will continue moving in the same direction at 50 mph. The result is equivalent to falling out of an 8 story window.

In recent news, there are a number of other automobile safety concerns that have been making headlines. The two biggest driving safety concerns headlines have been about the dangers of talking on a cell phone and texting while driving. A huge spotlight has been put on these driving hazards and even companies and celebrities such as Nationwide and Oprah have campaigns warning people of these dangers about texting while driving. Now there is a new report and study conducted by AAA that illustrates a new driving danger that should concern all pet owners.

Click it or ticket is a catchy phrase that is used to remind us to fasten our seatbelts when we get in our cars, but that is only for humans, and as pet owners know that is not always the only occupants in our cars. AAA knows this and has conducted a study that warns us of the dangers when our four legged friends are along for a ride. AAA is reporting that driving with pets is a dangerous distraction if they are unrestrained. Recent research data supports the fact that having an unrestrained pet in the car can be as dangerous as texting or talking on the phone while driving. Not only was this report released by AAA but the story was picked up and reported on by CBS news along with a video.

Thankfully there is a solution that can keep you and your pet’s safe while riding in the care. Snoozer Pet Products produces a line of pet car seats that have been developed over the past 20 years. Snoozer Pet Products proprietary pet car seat also boasts the only dog car seat on the market that have been crash tested to ensure your pets safety in the event of a car accident. Snoozer offers several different styles of pet car seats right for your dog or cat. Snoozer pet car seat styles include a console pet car seat, that rest and secured between the driver and passenger seat, the lookout pet perch that is designed for larger dogs and rest securely in the passenger seat, the popular Snoozer Lookout series pet car seats that gives your pet a cozy and safe place to ride in your car. Wanting more than a dog car seat? Look at the complete Snoozer dog car seat safety system that includes lookout dog car seat, a dog car safety harness, and a seat belt adaptor. These great dog car travel products are available in several sizes for dogs and pets and are offered in 30-40 different fabric options the will surely make a fashion statement or match your cars interior.

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