Monday, March 5, 2012

Snoozer Pet Products Sponsors Spice of Life Fest in Greenville SC

On March 17th and 18th, 2012 a special event will be held to provide a variety of choices for people who care about living better. The Spice of Life Food & Fitness Fest can help you figure out what living better means to you and your family. So, come and learn what makes you and your family healthy and happy at the Spice of Life Food & Fitness Fest presented by Greenville Hospital System, University Medical Center.

The Spice of Life Food & Fitness Fest has events for everyone, and everyone has their own definition of “healthy”. You can take a class from the Culinary Institute of the Carolinas, watch a hula hoop demonstration, or taste an assortment of olive oils. You can also watch the duathalon to benefit Susan G. Komen, learn how to plan a great party, or even meet some local farmers.  Last, but not least, the health of our four-legged friends matters, too, and they are 'a part of the family', so don't miss the various pet exhibitors and the pet parade! Pet lovers from all over the Upstate will have the opportunity to learn how to better care for their pets as well as shop for unique items such as organic pet food, designer collars and leashes, dog trainers, pet camps and much more. In addition, the Greenville Humane Society will host an “Animal Adoption Awareness Parade” on Sunday, March 18th to showcase pets currently available for adoption.

For more details, you can view/download the event flyer pdf here, and Snoozer Pet Products hopes to see you at the Spice of Life Fest.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas is here and Snoozer Santa is checking his list. Get ready for the Snoozer Pet Products Christmas Giveaway Contest

It is now that time of year to enjoy spending time with our loved ones, and that includes our dogs, cats, and pets. As the Christmas season approaches, we are often overwhelmed with all of the preparations and shopping that needs to be done. As we go through our list, we are always looking for that special idea for our four legged loved ones. We always want to find that perfect pet gift, something they will love and use for many years to come. Thankfully there is such a product line, and Snoozer Pet Products is going to be giving 3 lucky pets a chance to win one of these perfect Christmas gifts. Will it be a dog bed, dog car seat, heated & cooled pet bed, dog bike basket, or something more? In the spirit of the season, Snoozer Pet Products would like to let you know about our special Christmas program this year, called Snoozer Santa. 

The rules are quite simple - Snoozer Santa will be giving a few very lucky dogs a special present this year. We will be giving away 1 pet product on three separate occasions through December 20th. For the first item, Snoozer Santa will give away is a Cabanna Pet Crate Cover with Pillow Dog Bed. The Cabana Pet Crate Cover with Pillow Dog Bed. The Cabana Pet Crate Cover with Pillow Dog Bed offers The Snoozer cabana pet crate cover is designed to liven up any pet crate. Excellent for dressing up a standard pet create, giving your pet some privacy all the while spicing up any decor! The winner for this prize will be announced on 12-10-2010. Following the announcement of the winner, a NEW product will be announced and open for you to enter to win. You will have to come back and visit to see what items #2 & #3 will be! Winners will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail. When Snoozer contacts you, we will verify you as the winner, ask you to pick the size and color of the prize, and then ask you where you want us to ship the product, and Snoozer Santa will deliver it to your home.

All winners have 10 days to claim their prize. Good Luck and Merry Christmas from Snoozer Pet Products manufactures of the world’s most innovated dog beds, dog car seats, and pet products.

3 Products will be given away. The winner will be contacted and the new item announced on the below dates:

• December 5th, 2010: Contest Starts. Item 1 - Snoozer Cabana Pet Create Coverand Dog Pillow Pet Bed
• December 10th, 2010: Winner for Item 1 contacted. Item number 2 announced.
• December 15th, 2010: Winner for Item 2 contacted. Item number 3 announced.
• December 20th, 2010: Winner for Item 3 contacted

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dog Days of Summer Pet Photo Contest

Snoozer Dog Days Of Summer Photo Contest

Once again it has been another hot summer, and we are now in the middle of what is called the “Dog Days of Summer”. Have you ever wondered where that saying comes from? Well, we have too, so we’d like to offer you a brief history of how the phrase “Dog Days of Summer” originated, along with announcing the Snoozer Pet Products Dog Days of Summer Pet Photo Contest, where you could win an Outlast® heated and cooled dog bed!

 The phrase began with the Romans, who referred to the dog days as " dies caniculares". This time of the year was associated with hot weather, which was believed to be caused by the star, Sirius. And the star, Sirius, was referred to as the "Dog Star" because it is the brightest star among the constellation Canis Major, the Large Dog.

 During ancient Roman times, the Dog Days of Summer lasted from July 24th to August 24th, or alternatively, July 23rd through August 23rd. For many European cultures like the French, English, and German, this time period on the calendar is still referred to as the Dog Days of Summer.

 The Farmer's Almanac lists a slightly different time frame, and records the timing of the Dog Days of Summer as the 40 days that begin on July 3rd and end on August 11th. This timing also has its roots from celestial bodies, and coincides with the ancient heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.

 While the Dog Days are starting to wind down, many of us enjoyed some time outdoors with our pets despite the heat, and have some great pictures to remind us of our summer fun. Snoozer is holding a Dog Days of Summer Pet Photo Contest, where the winner will get an Outlast® heated and cooled Pet Bed. The Outlast Dog bed uses Outlast ® technology that proactively responds to the changes in your pet’s skin temperature. Originally developed for NASA, this patented heat management technology absorbs excess heat and stores it until there is a change in temperature, then releases it as needed. In our Snoozer Outlast pet bedding, Outlast ® technology helps manage the buildup of heat by mitigating temperature swings to balance temperature, and keeping your pets not too hot, not too cold ®.

The rules for the Dog Days of Summer Pet Photo Contest are quite simple.
    • Go to the Snoozer Pet Products Facebook company page
    • Like us, then upload your favorite summer photo of your pet! Photo entries accepted until 8/28/11 - Voting will be held 8/30/11 through 9/7/11 The photo with the most votes wins, tell all your Facebook friends!
So get your pictures ready, head on over to the Snoozer Pet Products Facebook page, and enter our Dog Days of Summer Pet Photo Contest – where you could win one of the most innovative pet beds on the market!

Enter Dog Days of Summer Dog Photo Contest

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dog Car Seats, Should It Be A Law To Buckle Up Your Pet?

We as drivers understand the importance of wearing a seat belt while driving, and currently just about every in the United States requires you have it on when driving. Why is it important to wear a seat belt? If a car is moving down the road at 50 mph hits another car or object, your automobile will stop moving forward but everything inside unrestrained will continue moving in the same direction at 50 mph. The result is equivalent to falling out of an 8 story window.

In recent news, there are a number of other automobile safety concerns that have been making headlines. The two biggest driving safety concerns headlines have been about the dangers of talking on a cell phone and texting while driving. A huge spotlight has been put on these driving hazards and even companies and celebrities such as Nationwide and Oprah have campaigns warning people of these dangers about texting while driving. Now there is a new report and study conducted by AAA that illustrates a new driving danger that should concern all pet owners.

Click it or ticket is a catchy phrase that is used to remind us to fasten our seatbelts when we get in our cars, but that is only for humans, and as pet owners know that is not always the only occupants in our cars. AAA knows this and has conducted a study that warns us of the dangers when our four legged friends are along for a ride. AAA is reporting that driving with pets is a dangerous distraction if they are unrestrained. Recent research data supports the fact that having an unrestrained pet in the car can be as dangerous as texting or talking on the phone while driving. Not only was this report released by AAA but the story was picked up and reported on by CBS news along with a video.

Thankfully there is a solution that can keep you and your pet’s safe while riding in the care. Snoozer Pet Products produces a line of pet car seats that have been developed over the past 20 years. Snoozer Pet Products proprietary pet car seat also boasts the only dog car seat on the market that have been crash tested to ensure your pets safety in the event of a car accident. Snoozer offers several different styles of pet car seats right for your dog or cat. Snoozer pet car seat styles include a console pet car seat, that rest and secured between the driver and passenger seat, the lookout pet perch that is designed for larger dogs and rest securely in the passenger seat, the popular Snoozer Lookout series pet car seats that gives your pet a cozy and safe place to ride in your car. Wanting more than a dog car seat? Look at the complete Snoozer dog car seat safety system that includes lookout dog car seat, a dog car safety harness, and a seat belt adaptor. These great dog car travel products are available in several sizes for dogs and pets and are offered in 30-40 different fabric options the will surely make a fashion statement or match your cars interior.