Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas is here and Snoozer Santa is checking his list. Get ready for the Snoozer Pet Products Christmas Giveaway Contest

It is now that time of year to enjoy spending time with our loved ones, and that includes our dogs, cats, and pets. As the Christmas season approaches, we are often overwhelmed with all of the preparations and shopping that needs to be done. As we go through our list, we are always looking for that special idea for our four legged loved ones. We always want to find that perfect pet gift, something they will love and use for many years to come. Thankfully there is such a product line, and Snoozer Pet Products is going to be giving 3 lucky pets a chance to win one of these perfect Christmas gifts. Will it be a dog bed, dog car seat, heated & cooled pet bed, dog bike basket, or something more? In the spirit of the season, Snoozer Pet Products would like to let you know about our special Christmas program this year, called Snoozer Santa. 

The rules are quite simple - Snoozer Santa will be giving a few very lucky dogs a special present this year. We will be giving away 1 pet product on three separate occasions through December 20th. For the first item, Snoozer Santa will give away is a Cabanna Pet Crate Cover with Pillow Dog Bed. The Cabana Pet Crate Cover with Pillow Dog Bed. The Cabana Pet Crate Cover with Pillow Dog Bed offers The Snoozer cabana pet crate cover is designed to liven up any pet crate. Excellent for dressing up a standard pet create, giving your pet some privacy all the while spicing up any decor! The winner for this prize will be announced on 12-10-2010. Following the announcement of the winner, a NEW product will be announced and open for you to enter to win. You will have to come back and visit to see what items #2 & #3 will be! Winners will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail. When Snoozer contacts you, we will verify you as the winner, ask you to pick the size and color of the prize, and then ask you where you want us to ship the product, and Snoozer Santa will deliver it to your home.

All winners have 10 days to claim their prize. Good Luck and Merry Christmas from Snoozer Pet Products manufactures of the world’s most innovated dog beds, dog car seats, and pet products.

3 Products will be given away. The winner will be contacted and the new item announced on the below dates:

• December 5th, 2010: Contest Starts. Item 1 - Snoozer Cabana Pet Create Coverand Dog Pillow Pet Bed
• December 10th, 2010: Winner for Item 1 contacted. Item number 2 announced.
• December 15th, 2010: Winner for Item 2 contacted. Item number 3 announced.
• December 20th, 2010: Winner for Item 3 contacted

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